The irrigation system is a vital component of any landscaping project. It has a very important function in a landscape, so it should not be taken for granted or installed haphazardly. A poorly designed watering system may not provide sufficient water to all the plantings in the landscape. This will usually result in weak and disease-prone plants. Property owners have two options if they want to avoid these problems! Read more about Irrigation »

Synthetic Grass

Are you in need of some new turf for your residential or commercial property? Have you considered synthetic grass? Well there are so many benefits to the installation of a synthetic turf that you may be surprised to know. The benefits include having an instantly green lawn, no watering, no mowing, no fertilizing, no weeding, no edging and it will look green and lush no matter what the season! Read more about Synthetic Grass »

Landscape Design

In this article we will be talking about ‘Landscape Design’. If you hire a professional landscaping company like us here at Great Scapes Landscaping you will get the benefit of our full design services. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get the design stage perfect; for it will really impact the end result! Read more about Landscape Design »


Sod is a really quick way of having a new lawn. If you don’t want to wait for seedlings to grow then sodding is the answer for you. There are a variety of sod types and species of grasses. It is of course more expensive than buying seeds but you will have instant results. Generally you will but sod that has been grown and is sold in rolls that are simply laid out onto your soil and that’s it; a new lawn! Read more about Sod »


In this article we will be talking sprinklers. The most important element to the success of your lawns and gardens is of course ‘water’. In order to ensure that your landscapes are getting the right amount of water it is advised that you install an irrigation or sprinkler system. Talk to one of our friendly team members today to see of a sprinkler system will meet the needs of your property! Read more about Sprinklers »


In this article we at Greatest Scapes Landscaping would like offer some information about landscaping. It is such a vast field and we can take on any softscaping or hardscaping project that you may have in mind. Your landscape setting really does play an important role in how effective your curb appeal is; so why not let us make yours the property of envy in your neighborhood? Read more about Landscaping »

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